Le Jank wonders why the scorn was there to deny certain victory on ‘Worn Tires’

Taken from the underground music project and YouTube channel The Jank Guitar Store Records, Le Jank reminds us about the injustice that occurred during the much-scrutinized 2021 Formula 1 Season with the reflective single about Michael Masi’s obvious failures on ‘Worn Tires‘.

Le Jank is an indie minimalist North American duo who makes that simply soulful singer-songwriter music to take your mind away from any worries.

Their iteration of Jank Pop music is influenced by Celtic, Pop and Reggae music.” ~ Le Jank

Dropping a song that reminds us to keep our heads up high even when it seems like we are being pushed down a road that only has a worn tread, Le Jank shows us that sometimes, you can just control what you can control and nothing more or less.

Le Jank makes minimalist, guitar-driven Jank music telling unexpected stories.” ~ Le Jank

Worn Tires‘ from the North American guitar-driven duo Le Jank, is an honest single that shows how sometimes justice isn’t served, no matter how much evidence there actually is. They show us into a story that has been examined again and again and features a smooth style that takes you into a Netflix-recorded from last season, that the great Sir Lewis Hamilton would rather forget. Featuring a mellow style and memorable vocals, this is a single perfect for when you want to float into a contemplative place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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