LAZ – Heaven All Day: Internationally Infectious Hip Hop

Ready to be taken to a new plateau with one of the freshest Hip Hop drops this summer? LAZ teamed up with fellow rapper Hillz and producer Sam Irving to create a bomb of a drop Heaven All Day. The Trap inspired chill beat is inspired, it’s lucid, and it’s an absolute dream just to slip into. The transient melodies created by the Parisian Belgian Hungarian rapper are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. He’s taken the roots of his heritage and fused them together to create one of the most decadent Urban sounds since, well, since ever. Whether you can translate them or not the vocals and rap bars in Heaven All Day are as resounding as they come, and how they fit that much progression into a three minute track I will never understand. The track jumps from a mid-tempo echoed flow into a seamless offering of instrumental high vibe euphoria.

Check out LAZ’s latest drop Heaven All Day ft. Hillz on SoundCloud now along with the other releases created by the internationally infectious Hip Hop artist.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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