Laya Laya – Both: R&B With a Soulful EDM Twist

Laya Laya’s latest single ‘Both’ released September 24th is an arresting combination of EDM, Soul and R&B. Around the sonorous emotion which is layered throughout the single are stomach-churningly sweet EDM progressions which prove that the London based artist has found their signature unique sound in the compelling rhythm and melody.

The multi-layer beat has an irrefutable amount of intricacy through the mix of electronic and acoustic effect, yet the complexity in the rhythm doesn’t offset the cathartic vibe of the track.

Beyond the beat, the resonance of the lyricism will have you sharing in the same pained frustration as vocalist and songwriter Freya instilled into Both which addressed ambivalence. We’ve all been there, simultaneously loving and hating someone at the same time. Now, we have a stylish hit to bask in the plaintive emotion to which boasts a radio-ready quality thanks to Metropolis Studios London.

You can check out Laya Laya’s latest hit Both for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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