Lawsvn questions the complexity of affection in her debut RnB single, Have You Ever? 

The Cleveland, Ohio-residing RnB songwriter and soulstress, Lawyvn, has made a feistily unforgettable debut with her single, Have You Ever? 
As the lyrics question the complexity of affection, the beats groove through the mellifluous melodies that are all too easy to connect your rhythmic pulses to as the luminary newcomer makes the most out of her effortlessly rich vocal timbre.
Even though there are some notable hints of 90s RnB in the warm mix, this hit was definitively made for the 21st-century’s airwaves. With the high-quality production and the sheer artistry in the vocal harmonies, Lawsvn is one to watch. She deserves a coveted spot on every RnB fans’ radar.
Have You Ever? Is now available to stream on Spotify. And you can connect with Lawsvn via Instagram.
Review by Amelia Vandergast

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