LAV.ISH – Sofa: Stylishly Slick R&B HipHop


Turns out, that there’s a lot to be said about sofas, as proven by LAV.ISH’s latest track. The ingenious approach to the lyricism is the first element that hits you as the Hip Hop Rap artists latest single unfolds. Sofa is without doubt the most stylishly smooth RnB Hip Hop track I’ve checked out this year. The funk and groove that’s riddled into the mix creates an instantly blissful track which you can’t help but slipping into. US based experimental urban artist LAV.ISH’s bars which he lays down onto the vibrantly euphoric beat constantly switch up throughout the track, when he picks up the momentum he makes spitting bars sound as easy as breathing. In short, LAV.ISH’s style is just as his name denotes thanks to his American Hip Hop sensibility crossed with international flavours.

If you’re a fan of experimentally playful yet sensual RnB Hip Hop You can check out LAV.ISH’s latest single Sofa on SoundCloud now from his 2018 album ‘With a Dot in the Middle’, he must get seriously pissed at people missing out on that dot.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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