Lauren Tannenbaum – Cryer: Sardonically Blissful Sonorous Folk Rock

As a proud owner of the Saved by the Girl compilation CD which was a mix of all of the female-fronted fury Alt music fans had been treated to since the 90’s, it was only natural that I’d find a synergetic connection to Lauren Tannenbaum’s debut track Cryer. The Los Angeles Folk Singer Songwriter is just as beautiful instrumentally as she is vocally. She’s all of my icons packed into one perfect sound. Fans of Alanis Morrissette, The Corrs, Texas, The Cranberries and Tori Amos would be ridiculous not to check out this track. The lyrics are beyond genius, she perfectly (yes there’s a reason I keep saying everything is perfect) encapsulates all of the bitter alien post-break up emotions that we will all inevitably go through. “I was never a cryer before I met you”. We’ve all been there. At least next time our break-up’s will sound a bit sweeter around her jangly Johnny Marr style of acoustic strumming.

Finding a musician that you can make such an instant connection with is like finding needle in a haystack. So, give Lauren Tannenbaum the attention she deserves and can check out her track Cryer on SoundCloud. I wouldn’t stop there; the rest of her blissfully haunting tracks have that same gut-wrenching honesty mixed with her sardonically beautiful lyrical style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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