Lauren Martinez – Paper Doll: Distinctively Endearing, Perfectly Polished DIY Pop

Any Kate Nash fans who have been disappointed by the disappearance of her and her classically conversational style of Pop are going to need to make Lauren Martinez’s latest single “Paper Doll” a firm fixture of their playlists.

Rather than hiding behind clever metaphors or painful amounts of repetition, the lyrics to provide a raw and honest account of her self-questioning introspection. Listening to the playful direction of the lyrics will make you fall hook line and sinker for this infectiously accessible single.

The clockwork style of the rhythm combined with the afro beats melody made for a refreshingly vibrant change to the usual EDM Pop approach. With Paper Doll, Martinez proved that she’s not your average up and coming artist looking to assimilate the commercial sound, she’s got her own distinctively endearing style and she’s running with it.  Yet, what’s most impressive of all is the fact that not only did Lauren Martinez write and perform the track, but she also produced the single. Make no mistake, Paper Doll is no work of self-indulgent bedroom Pop, with production skills as on point as her vocals, I have no doubt that we’ll all be hearing a lot more from Lauren Martinez pretty soon.

You can check out Paper Doll for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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