Lauren Kidd is brilliant on her new indie-folk single ‘Sunday’s Best’

Lauren Kidd is brilliant on her new indie-folk single ‘Sunday’s Best‘, a peaceful song about love that is of such beauty to listen to and heal with.

Queens, New York based singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd breezes in with a voice and style that makes you listen to twice. The former vocalist/guitarist of Clearview, the solo mission is now the ride for a while. This is an artist who can see the world clearer than most, experiences have made an old soul of someone so young. With a song that is so sweet, sad and inspiring at the same

Sunday’s Best‘ is a terrific song from the soulful Lauren Kidd and she sings with such passion. The undertone is soft but made with love, her vivid voice takes you to another world, you want to support her and hope that she finds that true love. That love that makes you smile, that person who is there when you are really need them.

Stay tuned for her debut album titled “Our Numbered Days”

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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