Latino Indie Rock Artist Osvy Torres Makes Their Debut with the Single “Quédate”

Whatever your perceptions of Latino music are, you may want to throw them out of the window before listening to the debut single from up and coming Indie Rock artist Osvy Torres. “Quédate” is a sublime shift from everything you’d expect from the soundscape.

While you’ll be able to hear a touch of the Latino rhythm, Quédate is a track deeply rooted in Rock. Yet, there’s plenty of dreamy reverb laid over the instrumentals to give that indulgently hazy feel commonly found in Shoegaze.

It is a soundscape filled with atmospheric anticipation for the next driving progression of the quite literally mesmeric guitar. Osvy Torres’ vocals pour plenty of soul into the mix – I may not have been able to understand the lyrics, but the emotion and passion behind Quédate definitely still resonated.

You can check out Osvy Torres’ debut single Quédate for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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