Late Night Drives implores for the page to turn on unforgettable debut track, ‘Wait For Me’ (feat. Daniel Huttlestone)

With a stadium-shaking anthem that gets you off your seat rather promptly, Late Night Drives has our imagination alive to the possibility that two souls can reconnect again on, ‘Wait For Me’ (feat. Daniel Huttlestone).

Late Night Drives is an East London, UK-based indie-rock band that brings back that much-loved late 2000’s/early 10’s feel to proceedings with their anthem-sounding music.

Touching on the topics of heartbreak and love in a mature and poetic way.” ~ Late Night Drives

Bringing the world a tremendously spirited single that will resonate with many who have felt this exact moment strike warmly in their lives, Late Night Drives introduce themselves with much aplomb and flourish rather spectacularly on a first release that is truly exceptional.

Wait For Me(feat. Daniel Huttlestone) from UK-based indie-rock band Late Night Drives is a special single that might have you thinking of that moment when you knew you wanted to be close, but needed to know that your ideal lover would still be there no matter what the current challenges. With ear-heating vocals on offer that seem to float freely and get your whole body alive with hope – this is an example of how the power of love – can never fade away like a flickering summer romance.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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