Last One: Tamara Cañada wants to stop but just can’t yet ‘On My Mind’ (feat. Gxft)

Shot mostly in Canary Wharf Car Park and featuring a true-life anthem of speedily translucent thoughts that most of us can certainly relate to, Tamara Cañada wonders if she will ever conquer these pesky demons that are threatening her precious well-being ‘On My Mind(feat. Gxft).

Tamara Cañada (pronounced Canyada), is a highly promising indie RnB singer-songwriter from London, England. She is a tremendous talent who has captured the mood of those like her, who are looking for more meaning in this rather gloomy world.

This is the exciting story about trying to stay away from the easy-to-get-wrapped-into-temptations which can greedily destroy your sweet innocence and take it away forever, as you try and stay in the right mental lane. You are feeling the strain and just need to relax, as habitually you find yourself doing the same things over and over again.

With a freshly squeezed voice that has you feeling her honest vocals – the contemplative raps bust in and compliments the vibe completely – that has you in an evaluative mood, as you ponder if things will ever evolve into the dreams you have for yourself.

On My Mind (feat. Gxft) from the smoothly tipped vocals of London-based indie RnB artist Tamara Cañada, is that true story about the overload that has burnt most of us out like a tired match, as we look to recuperate but can’t help doing the things we know we shouldn’t. Sung by a youthful artist with the world at her feet, this is a well-made song with striking visuals, that has your over-stimulated mind dreaming about that essential holiday that is much-needed.

Resting up and re-invigorating the soul after so much to think about lately, is the only way to find that inner zen again.

See this vibin’ new single on YouTube and check out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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