LA’s Yaz heats up our imagination on thrilling new single, ‘Heresy’

Taken off her brand new debut album named ‘Inferno‘, Yaz tells us the story of Lilith and Eve that has been reimagined on the striking new release that will surely get your pulse racing, ‘Heresy‘.

Yazmeen Mirgoli aka Yaz is an incomparably talented Los Angeles, California-based indie electronic artist, singer-songwriter, producer, director, filmmaker, and designer.

Inferno is an exorcism of societal shame and judgement. It forces us to face our darkest fears by holding up a mirror to the hypocrisy of our society, and liberates us by guiding us through each circle of Hell head-on, and celebrating that which is typically deemed taboo and amoral. I wanted to provide an experience for the audience that immerses them into a world that celebrates the entirety of who they are, and sets them free from the shackles of society.” ~ Yaz

With a bass-thudding entrance that is loaded with intoxicating heat and boundless energy that gives you shivers at times, this is a tremendous effort from a truly captivating artist named Yaz. The illuminating beat slams hard into your intrigued soul – and seems to burn a piece off you – before bringing a tiny fragment back, as we are thrown into an avalanche that never lets up.

Produced by YAZ’s production company, Yaz Media, the video is YAZ’s directorial debut, and features fashion by world-renowned corsetieres Dark Garden Corsetry, and YAZ’s surrealist avant-garde design label Yaz Mania.” ~ Yaz

Heresy‘ from the LA-based multi-talented creative Yaz, is a visually stimulating track from an artist who is pressing the boundaries of what is possible and is only going to reach higher pinnacles as you sense her hunger throughout. On a track that sends you into a mood to test your own fascination, this is a startling effort that is a speaker-rattling effort that your elders warned you about.

Listen to this pulsating new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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