A&R Factory Present: Laryssa Birdseye

Laryssa Birdseye is a singer songwriter based out of Portland Oregon. Many years ago, she stole her older brother’s guitar, picked up a Beatles anthology book, and taught herself how to play. After realizing her adolescent attempts at writing poetry were best paired with music, a lifelong relationship with songwriting was born.

Having struggled with addiction and an eating disorder for the better part of a decade, Laryssa’s songs reflect the turmoil of heartbreak, dependency, regret, and the persistent strive towards recovery and healing. Herself now firmly in that position, she hopes to touch people in the same struggle by helping to bring catharsis through the power of her honest and frank style of songwriting. Heavily influenced by legendary female songwriters Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell, and Ani Difranco, Laryssa Birdseye is not one to be overlooked.

Watch for her debut album, “So What” coming in Spring of 2017.

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