Lara Snow – Swim Far: Viscerally Artful Pop

Lara Snow has had no difficulty establishing herself as a powerful voice in Pop, her upcoming single “Swim Far” is a masterfully composed soundscape which comes complete with palpable passion and veracity. Rather than using assimilation to inspire her work, Lara Snow moves in an artfully evocative new direction. Yet, it’s accessible enough for you to be locked into the lyrics from the first verse and left with the inclination to hit the same high notes (I failed).

Even though there’s a certain element of vulnerability behind the delivery of the lyrics in Swim Far, the amount of conviction Lara has in versing her lyrics is sure to make the bittersweet message behind the single resonate. It truly is a record which comes with teeth.

You can head over to her website to check out her equally as captivating earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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