LamZieBoy – Who? The Ultimate Head Spinning Dancehall Hit

Urban smash hit Who? Was released back in 2017 as LZB’s debut single, and we just loved his urban sound ringing in our ears. The North London based rapper flows with an elementally raucous pace in his mid-tempo rhythm-soaked mixes. His sounds have been keeping Islington’s Urban scene alight with his assortment of different sounds he uses to compose pounding beats, that makes the rest of his competition seem pretty weak! You can hear all of the singer songwriter and composers sounds in his latest hit, from Old School Reggae to 90’s R&B, Dancehall to 00’s Grime it’s got it all.

LZB’s sound is one that will take you on a trip back in time as well as being a vision into the future of Urban mixes. His experimental style and pace is certainly not something the scene are going to forget in a hurry. LZB has already preformed his mixes in various venues around London, where fans get to hear his blazing mixes first hand by the natural performer.

Check out Who? And LZB’s other stand out singles Post to Be & Jump & wave via Spotify:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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