KYS Offers A Relatable Story of Love, Heartache, and Moving On.

“Here” is one of those songs which tells a relatable and true-to-life story. The subject matter presented is the real bulk of the art in this style of music. There’s no need for extravagant or flashy music when you have such a strong foundation within lyrics such as those in “Hear”.

“Hear” offers a first-person account of a relationship in which both people can see the end in sight because of constant fighting, yet because of the difficulty of saying “goodbye” they continue to hold on. Using both Male and Female vocals to offer both voices is a sheer genius touch in telling this story. We can hear both sides of the story, and it offers an opportunity for the listener to reflect on similar situations that he or she may be going through which is similar to the one presented in “Hear”.

Of course the lyrics are the driving force behind “Hear”, but there is great musical performance that accompanies this powerful piece. KYS and I.Destiny both offer beautifully soulful performances which assist in telling the various sides of the story. A strong flow with great rhymes provide a nice bit of sweetness to this already wonderful mix. A great beat and strong bass lines push the song along, while the vocals and lyrics provide the icing. This song is absolutely a must-listen, and you can hear it here:

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