Kyrne – Too Soon: An Incredibly Infectious Reason to Get This Electronica Artist On Your Radar

Up and coming electronic artist and producer Kyrne has recently released his most immersive feat of experimental mid-tempo electronica with their recently released single “Too Soon”.

Snaring hooks? Check. Magnetic lyrics to pull you through the mix? Check. Solid rhythmic entrancing beats? Check.

Using plenty of soul, funk, and groove enabled Kyrne to steer their soundscape away from the sterility which is usually found in Electronica. And it is safe to say that Too Soon has plenty of earworm potential. The chorus lyrics almost feel like mantras while in the verses they provide plenty of lyrical depth.

We can’t rate Too Soon highly enough. It’s a sure sign that big things are to come for Kyrne in 2020. Such a nuanced rhythmically beatific sound is unignorable.

You can check out Kyrne’s hypnotic mix Too Soon for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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