Korfian overcomes his stifling doubts on the heavy new track ‘Sabotage’

Sabotage by Korfian

After the intensity of his previous Cardinal-inspired single ‘White Smoke’, Korfian returns with his original aplomb-packed ambience that never ceases to stun even the most open-minded on his latest ear-rattler, ‘Sabotage‘.

Korfian is an Athens, Greece-based alternative artist and graphic designer, Spyros Psarras, who assembles that type of sound which is perfect for dramatic movies that need a compelling soundtrack.

The project began in 2015 after a personal breakdown and got released in the form of a 4-track EP named Baroque in 2017. A year after, Baroque is followed by the 5-track Event Horizon led by Territorial, a signature Korfian anthem about possessiveness and obsession.” ~ Korfian

With a vocal ability that sets him far apart from his peers, Korfian is a magnificent artist that always makes songs that are away from any sort of cheesy fad and only seems to create that sizzling kind of firey melody you’ll find hard to forget.

Sabotage‘ from the multi-skilled Athens, Greece-based alternative artist Korfian, sends a shiver down our bodies as this is honest music at its most creative. This is the story about finding that belief that has been locked inside you so deep, you had to pull it out with all the muscle you could muster up all at once. He sounds composed, ready to strive higher than before and with this comprehensively inspired form, to send the world something to truly be excited by. He has certainly succeeded with his musical skill to dazzle those who are looking for something different to listen to.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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