KLANGPLANET Chinatown: Melodically Groove-Deep House

Munich-based producer Frider Mollat started his solo project in 2017 under the name of KLANGPLANET with the intention of creating nostalgically inclined Deep House which offers plenty of funk, groove and soul. If the mix “Chinatown” from the album “Good” is anything to go by, he’s certainly succeeded.

We may have been dancing to drum rhythms since the dawn of time, yet KLANGPLANET still finds a fresh and exotic way for those rhythms to exude a viscerally strong hypnotic command. The multi-layered mix plays with different acoustic and organic textures to offer a soundscape which is masterfully intricate. Each unpredictable note in Chinatown leaves you deeper immersed in the producer’s soulful approach to Indie Deep house. We didn’t need the artist’s bio to tell us he’s been part of the fabric of the music industry for quite some time, it is more than perceptible with how stylistically the polished mix unfolded.

You can check out KLANGPLANET’s single Chinatown yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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