Kite by Jaløn Tyler: A Gatsby who knows how to bring the party!

Jaløn Tyler proves himself to be a Gatsby who brings the party and a musical experience that is unexpected and definitely memorable. He successfully bumps against a variety of genres within this flawless offering from his album entitled ‘V.A.L.L.E.Y’. Refusing to be placed neatly in a box, he mercilessly breaks the rules in this genre-bending track and trips the light fantastic between hip-hop, samba, and RnB. Like a glass of cool water on a blazing day, this track is satisfying and fresh, and bound to raise many an eyebrow within the business.

Ohio is famous for birthing unique and gifted talents like John Legend and Bobby Womack so, the state can take heart that Jaløn is a young, shining representation of what they have to offer and, that his single ‘Kite’ is on parr with most of the great songs that have originated there. He moves back and forth comfortably between rapping and vocals with a surprisingly fluid ease. He floats on top of a track that is, honestly, divine. The beat is super fly and imaginative and I can’t wait to see what next for this hot, new talent.

Have a listen to ‘Kite’ by Jaløn Tyler on Spotify and let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed.

Review by Susan Harriott

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