Kit Taylor – Persephone: A Wistfully Sweet Sun Soaked Dance Pop Single

Remember the end of your first summer romance? If you need a little reminder, Kit Taylor’s latest single “Persephone (Special K. Remix)” will take you right back with his wistfully sweet sun-soaked single.

Persephone which features Joey Diggs Jr on vocals is as flawless as a Pop track gets. There are plenty of Electronic Dance elements which give the track plenty of hype, yet the EDM never takes away from the levels of harmony in the mix. With every pitch sitting at the perfect level it was easy to allow the words and the expressive vocal styles to resonate.

It really is no wonder why Kit Taylor has picked up awards along the way as a Pop songwriter. Given that he’s already working with guitarists who laid down riffs for Michael Jackson, the future certainly looks promising for the American artist.

You can check out the Special K. Remix of Persephone for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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