Kini Solana – In Bloom: Ambiently Visceral Dream Pop

If your Pop sensibilities sway the sonorous and dreamy way, you’re bound to adore Kini Solana’s latest track In Bloom. The blissfully melodic beat sets an archetypal ambient tone which fluidly progresses throughout the track. With palpable passion projected into the microphone it’s clear to see why Kili Solana shies so much iridescently brighter than the rest of the ambient Electro Pop acts on the scene to date. Perhaps what I loved most about Kini’s stylised soundscape was the fact she didn’t pander to her depicted innocence in the usual fractured twee styling, her music was ethereally spellbinding and sobering in equal measure. Not many Dream Pop singers manage to wrangle lyrics about decomposing into their tracks and get away with it. But In Bloom isn’t your ordinary Dream Pop track. The Trap style beat brings the contemporary edge whilst Kini’s vocals offer a soaring synergetic expression of harrowed talent.

To check out Kini Solana’s latest singles you can head on over to her SoundCloud page & connect with her via Instagram

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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