King St. – Sweeter Sounds: Pioneeringly Punchy Pop

Either my memory has failed me, or, I can’t recollect ever hearing a more intricately complex Pop track than the debut single “Sweeter Sounds”. The up and coming artists King Street have definitely made a lasting impression with their sticky-sweet yet potent melodies. With elements of Indie, Country and Rock and the warm tonality of Jazz and Soul the track unfolds with a full-bodied instrumental arrangement which I can guarantee you won’t find another track to bear a reminiscence to their prodigally mesmeric style. To top it all off, the sultrily powerful female vocals add even more weight to Sweeter Sounds. The unflinching strength behind her vocal style adds even more weight to the empoweringly uplifting lyrics. For any guitar solo fans, Sweeter Sounds definitely won’t let you down with the bluesy high-note licks of the riff which brings in the outro.

You can check out King St.’s first single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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