King Solomon Releases Sinking ft. ёrin HEBREWS

Wrapped in the celestial cloud of eclecticism and spirituality, King Solomon with the aid of Erin did a wonderful job in the delivery of this song.

The vocal power of King Solomon in this song is exceptionally captivating and enthralling. King Solomon’s voice is so cute that it has the subtle power to brainwash you to sing along to the song. Erin on the other hand lends a nice catchy rap verse to the song.

The obvious thing to take away here is that the two guys worked on this track together to ensure that it comes off as dope as ever. The addictive title track is right on its heels with a breezy classic rhythm and inviting sound as the duo melodically beckons on the hook. This song has put a very undisputed authority stamp on King Solomon’s studio capabilities which has also eliminated him from being counted out or forgotten anytime soon.

Although there are some points in the song that I really had high expectations for and they ended up coming off flat, aside those few shortfall in the song, I believe  every other thing is well placed and top notch. A nice song it is generally.


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