King Arthur Does Not Disappoint With His Latest Release ‘Remember My Name’

Whenever you think about King Arthur, ancient legends and fantasy tales immediately come to mind. Ghostly castles surrounded by a thick mist, ancient prophecies, valor and legend. You can imagine that my expectations were really high when I stumbled upon an artist who owes his name to such a timeless legend!

King Arthur did not indeed disappoint! His music is a blend of trap and west-coast style hip-hop, highlighting the artist’s amazing approach to songwriting and production. When listening to the music featured on his recent release, Remember My Name, the feeling you get is one of fullness and depth.

This music has arguably been crafted with a lot of passion and artistry, highlighting the artist’s ability to create some stunning textures and telling compelling stories through the sheer power of sound.

The beats are dense and textural, with a very “human” feel to them, yet showcasing that precise punch typical of a drum machine. On the other hand, the melodies are lush and really open, perfectly complementing the rhythmic explorations of this stunning release. King Arthur managed to create a mysterious and endearing sound that sits somewhen in between musical experiments and classic appeal.

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