Kind Releases Instrumental Track “Like Love 4”


“Kind” is a seamless, elegant and understated word with only 4 letters, just like love. The concept of this single is absolutely outstanding. I love the textural, pumping atmospheres with some trance-inspired pad tones clashing with powerful 808-style beats.

This is an instrumental electronic hip-hop vibe track that takes the listeners on a very unexpected musical journey. Initially, the song focuses on some lush textures with a new wave flavor, but later, it explores a driven beat inspired by techno and trance music, two of the most deep and textural under currents of EDM. On the other hand, the track also has a stunning interlude, where the song gets considerably quieter, allowing the track to breathe and gain a deeper arrangement.

I love the multi-dimensional sound of this production, and the many instruments in the song really fit well together – from the electronic drum samples to the stunning guitar tones and vocal loops.

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