Kilter throw us deep with ”Fall in Place”

With different influences in the indie rock and psychedelia world, Kilter is a music project based in Louisiana in the USA. It features an ever-changing group of band members that adds a nice twist to the sound. It must be tough to do this and this could be a new style in the music world. Music solves all problems and with musicians needing to work as soon as possible I like this direction.

The sound is dark and deep with a doom feel. ”Fall in Place” is a journey about life and wanting things to fall into place while knowing that the timing might be off. Kilter have a different style and is like nothing I have ever heard before ever. I do feel in a strange mood while listening to this song and I’m sure that is the point. You end up listening so closely to each word.

After being in heavy metal band Anticult, Matt from Kilter decided to change direction and this is the output. I’m sure with so much more experience with this new genre the sound will develop and only grow stronger. I’m excited for the next batch of songs and this could be a name to watch.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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