Kietell – OBTAIN THESE G’S: Battle Worthy Hip Hop Beats

OBTAIN THESE G’S was the first mix that Toronto based rapper Kietell has put out on the soundwaves to date. It’s tragic to think that the talented artist has been keeping his music to himself for all this time. You might want to check if you’ve got a fire extinguisher ready before you hit play. If you’re a fan of Logic, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Joey Badass, you’re in for a treat with this Rap Battle Worthy Beat.

With a debut track that fresh, he definitely won’t struggle to get where he deserves to be in the Hip-Hop Rap scene. OBTAIN THESE G’s is perfectly orchestrated with trap elementals which sit behind the rhythmic pace which leads the way for Kietell’s relentless rhythmic ability. The narrative behind the track flows like spoken word poetry, it allows you to getswept up in the fever and fury of his passion, and contempt of having a working class living. We hear you bro.

Well, he won’t make it on his own, will he? Go check out his track on SoundCloud now and show some love:

-Amelia Vandergast:

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