Kidd Sweeney’s Hazy Lazy Rap Track ‘What Chu Buying’

Finding new places to take the now well-established hip-hop/rap package often seems like a pointless task. It has either all been done or you end up fusing too much outside influence to make it unrecognisable from the genre which spawned it. Kidd Sweeney is that rare artist who has managed to take the genre into new areas but still produce something with enough familiar touches so as not to alienate the genre’s base.

What Chu Buying is a hazy, lazy meander along one possible rap future blending the grooves and delivery that you might expect but doing it over a washed out, affected musical landscape. It subverts the listener’s expectations as it warps and weaves, wavers and wanes in turn; it plays with hypnotic trance vibes, minimalistic lo-fi, down tempo dance and futuristic soulfulness. All those who like the idea of dystopian rap form a queue right here.

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