Kevin Jones – Seventeen: Charismatically Mesmeric Indie Rock

If you’re looking for an artist with the ability to write and produce indulgently smooth Indie tracks, look no further than Kevin Jones. At the age of 18-years old, he’s got creating succinctly sweet melodies down to a fine art. With his latest single “Seventeen” there’s a slight kick of 70s Psychedelia wrapped around the Jangle Pop guitars, combined with his charismatically mesmeric vocal capacity, you’re in for a treat from the Indianapolis-based Indie Rock artist.

With influences from a wide variety of artists such as the Beatles, Tom Odell, the Smiths and the 1975 all being perceptible in his latest single it runs through with a contemporary feel, yet, never losing the accessibility of the sound. With elements from the past mixed with his contemporary style the future of Indie Rock is in safe hands with the exceptionally prodigal artist.

You can check out Kevin Jones single Seventeen for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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