Kev Scott’s Melodically Arrestive Third Studio Album “Appeals for the Lonely”

“Appeals for the Lonely” was the 2018 album release from the North West, UK-based artist Kev Scott. Using the influence of bands such as Neil Young, Paul Simon, and the Verve he has taken his sound back to the decades where resonance and aural catharsis wasn’t all too uncommon on the radio waves.

The soundscapes cooked up on the 11-track album unravel through pure mesmerism with psychedelic melodies; not all too dissimilar than what you’d expect from a track by the Beatles. Yet, the sound in Kev Scott’s hands is much more than assimilation of what came before. There’s still the ever-present danger of getting snared by the almost hypnotically arrangements.

But perhaps what is most striking about Kev Scott’s style is his ability to create romantically expansive tracks without the emotion ever feeling forced. There’s a perceptible level of unfiltered, unrestrained passion which sits in such a tight synergy with the sticky-sweet melodies. Even though each of the tracks on Appeals for the Lonely is spectacular in its own right, there’s a commonality of accessibility and concordance thanks to the pitch-perfect smooth production of the album.

To create the album Kev Scott teamed up with Steve Pellatt, Lewis Dickinson on sax & flute and vocal offerings from Joanna Byrne, Kate Ferris, and Emma Perry. Remarkably, the rest of the self-produced album was created by Kev Scott’s multi-instrumentalist hands performing guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, organ and piano.

You can check out Kev Scott’s latest album which was released September 2018 for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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