Kerfol – Agido: Prog Rock Just Got Prodigal

Agido EP by Kerfol

Kerfol clearly had little restraint when it came to pushing the experimental boundaries with their latest single Agido which was released as part of his heavy rock project. The New Jersey US-based artist took elements from a myriad of heavier styles and weaved them into a composition of pure mesmeric aural energy. Agido borrowed the vocal talent from an evocatively sweet female vocalist who exuded visceral strength through her style which matched the feverish tempo of the instrumentals which were alive with sonic concordance.

You can stream and download Kerfol’s uniquely inspired single Agido by heading over to BandCamp from September 8th, 2018. Upon release you’ll also be able to enjoy the other two tracks from the Agido EP, the soundscapes are still just as sweet in the absence of the female vocals. With such an emotively momentous style it’s easy to see that this is just the beginning for Kerfol and his indulgently high-octane style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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