Kept My Thoughts Hidden From You: The radiant Haley Greene reminisces about when they were so ‘Golden’ together

As she bravely releases her first song for after five years due to tragically losing her younger sister Kristin in such traumatic circumstances, Haley Greene is absolutely magnificent on a sensationally enchanting track which will have you wholeheartedly admiring her ‘Golden‘ voice.

Soulful indie-pop artist and naturally creative Haley Greene, is a well-traveled commercial airline flight attendant based in New York City, who has returned to her true love of music after a completely understandable hiatus.

After releasing her stunning four-track ‘Revisiting Doors EP‘ from 2016, its so wonderfully pleasing to see a musician of this class return in prime form, to bring some much-needed beauty to this rather odd world.

As the daughter of an American diplomat and a Filipino immigrant, I had the unconventional upbringing of living overseas for most of my childhood. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Guam, and Ecuador, I was able to experience music styles from vastly different cultures that revealed one commonality: the unifying aspect of music.” ~ Haley Greene

On a sumptuous beat that dazzles sweetly into your awaiting soul, there is so much to love about her luscious vocals which somehow seem to get better and better throughout this captivating track. Haley Greene is breathtakingly alluring on each second – as she seems to have sensational superpowers – that has your mind suddenly calm and centered throughout this unforgettable experience.

After being inspired by the cinematic scores of my favorite movies and the 80’s synths i grew up listening to in my dad’s car, I picked up a guitar and began writing songs.” ~ Haley Greene

Golden‘ from the world class New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist Haley Greene, is the sadly relevant story of being with someone in your past who shows so much incredible light and potential when they are with you. Unfortunately over time that once-attractive shine soon fades into the shadows and you see who they really are, as you wonder why they couldn’t step up so you could be together forever. Sung with such glowing grace and exquisite tenderness by a truly skilled artist, this is a truly memorable single from a superlative talent.

That golden feeling is so special and rather addictive. You know it when you feel it all over your body, and sense it when it isn’t there too.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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