Kelly Rose – Enough: A Smoothly Mesmeric Pop Hit Which Won’t Fail to Resonate

They say at the greatest time of societal and political struggle the best music is born, and you only have to look to Kelly Rose’s latest single “Enough” to see just how true that statement is.

While Childish Gambino addressed political disparity in an entirely different way to Kelly Rose, the fact that the striking lyricism is placed down on a platform of haunting minimalist electro pop made the message behind enough even more hard-hitting. It’s hard not to pay attention to an up and coming Pop artist who is using her platform as an attack on an unjust societal discourse.

The single was released ahead of its intended release date in November 2018 after the shootings in America. If there’s any artist who you should be paying attention to right now, it’s the artist driven away from skirting around issues of superficiality using her smoothly mesmeric vocals in the hope that her message will find resonance.

You can check out Kelly Rose’s latest single out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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