Keisha Sounds Releases ‘Demons’ FT DJ BENJ!

Music has saved countless lives, and not just by inspiring good times. A lot of time, when people are down, they want nothing more than to know they aren’t alone in their troubles. This can be one of the most powerful feelings we can receive from music. The idea of intimate, interpersonal connections being made possible through capturing expression and having it played back to the listener is powerful and worthy of all artistic praise. KeishaSounds is here to deliver on that premise with Demons.

Demons features DJ BENJ!, whose approach to the song about being plagued by the monsters inside of us is a dedication to bringing the listener into an atmosphere of anxious, panning instruments that could become overwhelming if not for a grounded, centered beat. Focus on the beat. Hear KeishaSounds voice and realize that you can exist safely in this space. The fear is palpable but the song provides a guiding light that listeners can hold onto. This is a song with not only a strong message but also production tailored with that message in mind. That combination is what distinguishes this song from many similar attempts. If you’re feeling isolated and out of sorts, press play and get ready for reinforcements to fight those Demons.

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