Keepin’ it hot: Detroit OG’s Black Lion Society steam the room up with ‘We Cookin’

Black Lion Society show us what top shelf Hip-Hop sounds like, on the freshly-grilled new party track called ‘We Cookin‘.

Detroit, Michigan three-piece rap crew Black Lion Society have been around since 2006 and make music to entertain the crowd and to get their audience dancing whilst having fun with a breathtaking beat.

Featuring Jake Diamondz, Big S.C.A.M, and DCK, these three talented men have carefully formulated a true street sound that is that vital added ingredient in the music pot, to get your taste buds licking your lips in anticipation for that old school style, that makes the ladies swoon with excitement.

With a fiery delivery right outta the steamy kitchen, all of these artists add so much value to a track that has classic written all over it. The wordplay is clever, with stories of being out and about with the ladies knowing who you are and having a good time. That is what life is all about really. Having loyal friends and enjoying yourself to the max as you appreciate those skillful talents you meet during the evening.

We Cookin‘ from Detroit rap group Black Lion Society is an exhilarating ride from the buffet line to the packed club. They are an old school act that pack a lyrical punch and are supremely entertaining from start to finish, as your head bobs around like a Hip-Hop head.

Knowing you are good is one thing. Backing it up with a quality track is another and this is one rap outfit that keeps it G the whole way through, with a memorable track for the ages.

Hear this oil-filled busty track on Spotify and see their style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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