Keep your mind open: Neves drops thought-provoking smash single ‘Liars’

Neves rips through the mainstream conversation on his hard-hitting new single, that stimulates you to think differently to what they say on TV via ‘Liars‘.

Neves is a formidable underground Trap/Metal/Hip-Hop artist from Daytona Beach, Florida, who unleashes his inner thoughts to what is really going on in the world- with a barrage of fiercely unleashed raps that makes him stand out from the rest. He makes that rare music to help others open their minds to more than what is staring at you in the face. By educating and teaching us to trust our gut, he is the modern day street poet that remains hidden and just heard by those that dig deep for new music.

His wordplay is gritty and honest as he lets loose with a style that is remarkably hard and he takes no prisoners with his blast to the decision-makers, that hide the truth. You have to catch your breath as you listen here, as the sheer blast is like an explosion going off in your curious brain.

Liars‘ from Daytona Beach, Florida rapper Neves, is that song you put on when you are feeling in the mood to let that frustration lose at the state of affairs in the world. With a powerfully constructed lyrical attack, this is one emcee that tells it how he feels and doesn’t hold back for a second.

Opening your mind to what is really going on is the way to unlocking further thoughts and not staying caged up. Whether you really want to find the key and see what is inside, is completely up to you. Knowledge is power but with it, comes great responsibility.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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