Keep Doing You: Underrated Long Beach rapper Nephew KEN keeps his body and mind ready for anything on the box-filled ‘Big Dawg’

With the first much-anticipated single off his newly dropped ‘Eastside Kenzo‘ project, Nephew KEN intensely laces up the gloves and gets training on the punch-stacked statement of intent to those who like to talk fake gossip on ‘Big Dawg‘.

Kenny R Fuller Jr aka Nephew KEN, is a confident Long Beach, California-based rapper, content creator, life coach, music producer, and video producer.

You feel his powerful bars that are dropped from the local boxing ring where he has been training day by day, week by week, month by month. Gaining strength and that elusive discipline is so vital to stay mentally sane in this rather confusing and drama-filled world, that can cause emotion decisions that will be regret-laden, when the cloudy smoke floats away.

There is so much fire in his eyes on this thunderous track that shows us a man on a mission to rise above the pesky small-talkers and move into another league entirely. His raps are full of power and aspiration, as he has realized how he needs to get to that house at the end of the street – where everything is there for him to finally be free – from all the dusty cobwebs that can clog up so many smart minds, from achieving their true purpose.

Big Dawg‘ from the multi-talented Long Beach, California-based hip-hop artist Nephew KEN, has us interwoven into a story that is sadly familiar. You don’t know who to trust, as so many folks give out that fake love but actually are plotting your downfall behind your back. The road can be dimly-lit but you do need those true friends in your corner for when it gets heavy, as if you hands are tied, you will need someone to put your saliva-saturated mouth-guard back in.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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