Keelan Callaghan – Sundays: Lo-fi to Leave You on a High

Sundays is the brand new Alternative Rock Indie Pop track from self-made Dream Pop debonair Keelan Callaghan. The Australian based delectably talented musician has used his own production skills to come up with his debut Lo-Fi track that rings as sweet as the sounds of Lou Barlow, Pavement & Fidlar. Orchestrating such a DIY track and enabling it to resonate so sweetly is no easy feat, but he’s smashed it with his first ever release!

What I loved most about Sundays was the gradient ambience of the track, the synthy instrumentals almost carry the same iconic reverb as the Twin Peaks theme tune. When the transient vocals hit, it’s utterly mesmerising. The reverb & effects over the guitars almost meanders over to the Shoegaze arena, so any fans of My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive are guaranteed to love this track as much as I do. Keelan’s lyrical abilities carry their own unique nectarine sensibilities that add to the catharsis that from start to finish is being served up by this track.

With more music to drop throughout 2018, I’m certain that this won’t be the last we hear from Keelan Callaghan and his harmonious home-produced sounds.

Check out Keelan Callaghan’s track Sundays on SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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