Kaviani has released his punky power-pop lockdown playlist staple, ‘Gimme Some Sunshine’

There was no forgetting Kaviani after hearing his 2019 single, ‘Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy’ that found a powerful way to awaken the listener to the insidious nature of the military-industrial complex. With his latest single, ‘Gimme Some Sunshine’, which officially released on March 12th, the insightful UK-residing singer-songwriter gave us the aural euphoria we were crying out for.

By feeding the influence of The Vaselines, Ramones and Sparklehorse into the track that reflects our collectively suffered mood throughout our dystopic lockdown winter, you’re forced to recollect a time when life didn’t feel so cold. If you need any further persuasion to step into the light, Kaviani’s soulfully reassuring vocals will happily assist.

Here’s what Kaviani had to say about his latest single;

“I used to have panic attacks as a teenager, so the song came from a place of pure anxiety and hate of the winter months when the days are short and dark and just wishing it was light. I feel most problems are easier to cope with in the daylight hours, this song reflects that positive, upbeat vibe.”

Profits from the release will be donated to the mental health charity SANE. Kaviani is also hosting an online charity auction for the cause. With all that in mind, you can probably appreciate why the artist made such an impression on our first encounter.

You can check out the official music video to Gimme Some Sunshine via YouTube. Or purchase the single via apple music.

Connect with Kaviani via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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