Kateshia Marie rockets into our hearts with R&B independence anthem ”Immune”

UK based R&B singer Kateshia Marie is back with her signature positive message music and it’s an anthem of note with ”Immune”. Taking the power away from those who don’t deserve it is the message here, not letting them get too close and to stay in your lane. This is your life and you choose what to do with it.

Besides being a supremely talented vocalist, I really like Kateshia’s real message. This is a young artist who is still finding her feet in the crazy music game and figuring out what kind of music she wants to put out. I really hope that she stays in this kind of style, real and with such maturity. Too often, talented singers get a bite of fame and the taste leads them to change their ways abruptly, which in turns means their music and message does a complete u-turn.

Immune” is a strong single from Kateshia Marie, who along with having an awesome name, is a singer on the rise in the UK. I’d love to see her on a lineup with Mahalia or Jorja Smith in the future to help get her name out there more.  Kateshia Marie has everything going for her musically. The question is, can she get the right team formulated in her corner, to take her up a notch so that she can fully flourish and inspire the masses to take control of their lives too.

Hear this fabulous song here on your favorite platform.

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