Kate Ransom – Louisiana: The Prodigal Daughter of Jazz-Laced Pop

If you could imagine an aural mash up of Radiohead and Lady Gaga’s sounds with a few Jazz notes thrown in, you’d get pretty close to getting an idea of how Kate Ransoms latest single “Louisiana” unfolds. The arrestive emotive edge to her sound, combined with the amped up energy the artist pours into her performance with Louisiana are just two reasons why you’ll be wanting to put Kate Ransom on your radar. It’s instantaneously perceptible that Kate Ransom created her latest single to defy genre constraints to create something which allowed her to stamp down her signature unapologetically fierce style. She may be the youngest singer songwriter we’ve reviewed in 2018, yet what she lacks in age she more than makes up for with her undeniable command of her vocal range.

You can check out Kate Ransom’s latest track Louisiana for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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