Karel & XoJani – Dancing; Sun-Soaked Electro House Hooks

There are certainly no shortages of progressive electro house artists on the scene to date, so for Karel & XoJani’s latest single Dancing to shine so iridescently brighter than the rest was a pure testament to their anthemic style.

With vocals as gripping as you’d come to expect from acts such as London Grammar and Warpaint, and a beat as fresh and stylised as Avicii’s iconic hits, I can’t see how Karel & Xoani won’t be reaching the top of the EDM charts before long. The lyrics followed a beautiful narrative which hooked you as much as the instrumental hooks to the track. The production quality is just the cherry on the cake, every level sat at the perfect pitch to allow you to sink into the deep grooves and drops riddled into the sweet tempo of the beat.

You can check out the official lyric video to Karel & XoJani’s latest single which was released in July 2018 – just in time for summer so EDM fans could soak up the sun-soaked ecstasy which is riddled into the melodies.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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