Kara Bean – Days of Milk & Honey: From Poetry to harmonious melody; Kara Bean is the Artist That Has It All

LA based singer-songwriter and award-winning poet Kara Bean wasn’t content with her lyrics falling flatly onto a page, so she took to the mic to produce some sonorous sounds that make her lyrics truly come alive. With a Courtney Barnett/Kate Nash sensibility, Kara creates tracks which will no doubt empower the modern girl. With her resounding sound she illustrates her deep connection with the written word around the harmonious melodies in Indie Pop styling. Days of Milk & Honey was her first EP release and each of the 5 tracks are as perfect as the last.

I’m stoked to see what Kara Bean pulls out of the bag next, she’s promised some new sounds for 2018 from a new persona. Personally, I fell a little bit I love with the persona behind Days of Milk & Honey, but I have no doubt that everything Kara touches will turn to gold.

You can stream Kara Bean’s debut EP ‘Days of Milk & Honey’ Via Spotify now:


Connect with Kara Bean on Facebook using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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