Kalan – Motivate: Self-Empowering Rap

There is a surge of positivity in “Motivate”, Kalan’s new song. He sounds like he is crafting bars out to demolish all negativity.

Kalan is a 13-year-old rapper from Toronto, Canada and honestly, it is heart-warming going through his lyrics; the positivity, the empowerment that he is promoting is nowhere near what I would expect from a teenager that does rap music. There are countless articles and numerous studies out there showcasing the loneliness and quite often sadness, Generation Z suffers from. Consequently seeing this kid grabbing the bull by the horns is something that not only I dig from a social viewpoint, but it also shows me a very promising artist. An artist of substance. And maybe an artist that is capable of teaching a positively charged lesson to his peers.

His rapping game is on the mark as well. His flow consists of a clear word delivery, every syllable is crystal clear to the ear even when he is spitting bars on high speeds. He doesn’t bite the deliberate “small mouth” syndrome of a fair share of young rappers.

Let Kalan motivate you

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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