Kaeson Rempel – But That’s Alright -The Charismatic Singer-Songwriter Set Out To Create A Song That Feels Upbeat, Yet Emotional And Direct.

Keason Rempel is a singer and songwriter with a passionate approach and a direct style, which highlight his passion and truthfulness as an artist. Keason recently released another brand new track, a composition by the name of “But that’s alright”. The title might reveal a personal and understated theme, and the music follows suit with an intimate melody that matches the introspective vibes of the lyrics. T

The song does indeed start as a mellow, moody and introspective track, but it evolves and becomes richer in terms of arrangement and melodic content. A beat drops in, adding a nice modern punch to the song, while the melodies are enhanced by what sounds like a nice ukulele, strumming along with the guitar. This instrument certainly adds a brighter, uplifting and happier tone to the song, making for a nice twist. The song’s cheerfulness perfectly matches its positive message to the audience: Keason wants to encourage people to look at the bright side: even when it seems like there is no way out, there is always a way!

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