KA – Bus Stop: Surely Trap Music Doesn’t Get More Resounding Than This

Musical inspiration can stem from the strangest of places, up and coming Hip Hop Rap artist KA just happened to find it at a bus stop and God there’s a lot to say about bus stops. Lyricism aside, the beat was one of the most heightened I’ve heard from the Hip Hop genre this year, the experimental soaring instrumentals create a deep-toned progression right he way through the track carrying the perfect amount of bounce under KA’s rhythmic rap bars. As KA’s track Bus Stop started to draw to a close the weight of the emotion contained within the lyrics really hit me, KA has set himself apart with his lyrical approach. He doesn’t just skirt around aggrandized superficiality. There are some truly punch in the gut moments that I have only felt listening to Scroobius Pip. The production behind the track may not be as polished as what you’d hear from artists such as J. Cole, yet, the amount of texture in the reverberating beat carried a prodigal new energy that I’m certain not many more Hip Hop artists are capable of.

You can check out KA’s latest track Bus Stop which was released March 23rd, 2018 on YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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