K.O. Is Washing Away The Competition With “The Wet Album”

K.O. is carving a unique path of searing lyricism via catchy choruses, thick metaphors, and smooth musical interludes.  His new project, “The Wet Album,” is definitely worth a listen, it’s more than rap it’s a sexy intermission of life through the eyes of K.O.  “You Was The Baddest,” is a syrupy drenched ode to a beautiful woman who is clearly the baddest in the club, yet she doesn’t realize it. The chorus is catchy and the synth infused track is smooth and K.O. rides the beat effortlessly.

While, “Late Night,” is another ode to the ladies. This one is a little different, it’s more story-telling, more lyricism, but still the smooth sounds we have come to love from K.O. “Road Rage,” is not only one of my favorites but it is a clear stand out track displaying K.O.’s deliberate lyricism, unique flow pattern, and using juxtaposition to render the ordinary remarkable. But beyond his phrasing skills, K.O is slick with the wordplay and in the world of “mumble rap,” this album is more than necessary.

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