Justin Oliver sings with meaning on Black Lives Matters inspired ”King”

Justin Oliver is a New York City singer with a massive talent. He sings passionately on his new single called ”King

Written as an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement, King reminds the black community of their power and value. Racial bias in America is a problem that ALL black men and women face at one time or another, so having a song like “King” as reminder is important. This is a vital message of unity and one that is being seen all over the world right now.

This artist was from the home of the Roll Tide, Tuscaloosa in Alabama. After recently moving to magical New York City, his music is reinvigorating and you can feel his passion on ”King”. He sings with such power and his voice is a pleasure to listen to throughout the whole song.

Stream this passionate track right here on Justin’s Soundcloud page.

Find out more about this artist from New York City right here on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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