Justin Oliver sees the predicted outcome come through like he expected on ‘Bipolar Love, Pt. 2’

With his cheeks filled with tears as he wonders why he is so unlucky in relationships, Justin Oliver sends us an emotional picture about a new tragic breakup that feels the same as before on ‘Bipolar Love, Pt. 2‘.

Justin Oliver is a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-born, New York City-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who is one of the most respected underground artists around.

Bipolar Love, Pt. 2 is the sequel to Justin’s 2016 single, where he sings about the continuous pursuit of an unrequited love due to a glimpse of hope found through a deep emotional connection. Though the relationship ultimately ends, Justin now finds himself in a similar situation with higher stakes on the table.” ~ Justin Oliver

Ushering us into a traumatic experience that has reminded him that loyalty is so hard to find, Justin Oliver opens the bedroom door and show us his utter despair at going through another life-altering moment where he has given absolutely everything and gained only a shattered soul.

Bipolar Love, Pt. 2‘ from New York City, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Justin Oliver brings us a seasonable depression story that is heartbreaking at times. He realizes his value and knows that another romance will come along, but needs some time to get over his ex who has hurt him so cruelly when he hoped that they would be around forever.

Check out the lyric video on YouTube and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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